Hey! Play! Indie Games Summer Uprising III Begins

While we admit at this point it is quite fun to browse through the Xbox Indie Games library in hopes of finding traumatic gaming experiences, the service is still in dire need of solid indie games. Luckily the Indie Games Summer Uprising is becoming a yearly event, and this year brings us 9 straight days of the types of games that XBLIG should be known for.

Indie Games Summer Uprising III

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Starting this week and running through September 20th, each day will see the release of a new indie game. The full lineup can be seen on the Uprising website and the games definitely span a range of genres.

From art games, sims, adventure titles, dungeon crawling, and even a 2D platformer that combines Portal with time manipulation elements, you cannot deny the creative of this group of games. Plus at only a buck a piece (guessing) you don’t have anything to lose and are supporting indie developers.


Indie Games Summer Uprising III