Gaming Our Asses Off Report 9/5: JDevL Sees a New Challenger

It looks like Gaming Our Asses Off is catching on. When Justin and I challenged each other to lose weight while improving our gamerscore to raise money for Child’s Play, the rest of Horrible Night and our friends and family were incredibly supportive of the idea. One of them though, took it a step further.

Gaming Our Asses OffGaming Our Asses Off – A charity competition that promotes a healthy balance of gaming and non-gaming activities.

Each competitor has a goal of losing 25 pounds, and gaining 2500 gamerscore. They will also be keeping track of their fund raising capabilities and hope to raise $2500 a piece.

After 8 Weeks:

  • JDevL has currently lost 15 pounds / gained 2465 gamerscore / raised $325
  • GiffTor has currently lost 12 pounds / gained 2180 gamerscore / raised $375

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What if he beats us?


Our ref officially recognizes Coop as a true competitor.

Andrew Cooper started tracking his weight loss and gamerscore two weeks after Gaming Our Asses Off began. Now, after 8 weeks of competition and with the final pounds proving harder to shed, Coop is putting on the pressure. In less than 6 weeks, Coop has lost 8 pounds and gained 1870 gamerscore. This includes a major milestone for him for dropping below 200 pounds for the first time in years.

If Gaming Our Asses Off has effected you in any way, we’d love to hear from you in the comments or reach out to us through our contact form.

One side is under control

As far as my gamerscore goes, after a slow start I was able to string together several playthroughs to put me on the brink of our 2500 gamerscore goal. After seeing through just about every manageable achievement in The Darkness II, a majority of my next batch of points came from the surprisingly achievement friendly Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. I wish I could say I planned it out, but I’ve had this game sitting wrapped on my shelf for over a year at this point. It was just up next on my list and turned out to be my favorite game of the competition so far. The bonus was that I was able to achieve 765 points across 33 achievements in one playthrough vs 2.5 playthroughs of The Darkness II. Currently with only 35 points left until my first milestone, I’ve started to spread out my gameplay to other systems again rather than solely focusing on my 360. But I plan on having Darksiders II push me over the top in the next week or so.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

He’s in much better shape than I am.

Now the hard part

My real focus is figuring out how to increase my discipline around my diet. These last few weeks I have had little to show for my calorie counting efforts. Granted we had a few social outings and family events where I did not stick to my daily rules. I’m not trying to make myself miserable, just trying to find a balance and I’m really happy I haven’t gained any of the weight back. The competitor in me though, is ready to finish this competition on top and subsequently cheer Justin and Coop on to hitting their own goals.

In order to finally push through, I have to finally develop an exercise routine. I’ve been putting it off as I had so much initial success with solely losing weight by diet. Running, crunches, and push-ups are about to be introduced as our summer heat wave is finally over. It’s now or never in forming these habits.

The thing I am most proud of throughout all of this though, is my commitment to completely cut soda from my diet. I am now 8 weeks sober from soda. The other new commitment I’ve stuck to, albeit unwittingly at first, is I have completely cut fast food french fries from my diet. These were my biggest vices, and I honestly can say I don’t miss them at all. I never would have seen this coming, but the fries were such a calorie hog in my daily diet that they had to go. Once they were no longer an option, I didn’t miss them at all. But don’t worry, I still have my other vices including my candy stashes.

If I can maintain my focus and diet discipline, I hope to hit both goals before October 1st.

Hold me to it by donating to Child’s Play in the name of Team JDevL or motivate me by donating to Team GiffTor. Either way it goes to a great cause and gets us a little closer to our donations goal.