Steam Greenlight Initiates $100 Submittal Donation

Steam Greenlight launched last week to combat Valve’s growing problem of getting games approved games for Steam. Steam Greenlight is a crowdsourcing solution that allows Steam members to vote up/down game submissions to the service.

Steam Greenlight

Your jokes weren’t that funny.

Upon logging into the service for the first day, we noticed a few issues. My first scan of the submissions immediately brought me nightmares of the current Xbox Indie Games Library and Josh Lee had his own issues with the approval system; it requires too many clicks to use. Valve apparently noticed the same two issues and has addressed them this week.

In addition to my own personal questions of quality of the submissions, Valve was also encountering joke “Half-Life 3” submissions and a few adult-content situations. To combat this and weed out non-serious game submissions, Steam Greenlight will now require a $100 fee for submitting a game. This “fee” actually goes directly to Child’s Play as Valve “has no interest in making money from this.”

There have been interface improvements that allow users to see the list of games they have already judged and to judge batches of games more easily.

Two smart and quick enhancements only a week out from launch. Can’t wait to see where this service is later this fall, and hopefully it’ll give XBLIG a few ideas to improve that service as well. The more quality indie games that float to the top, the better off the industry is and the happier gamers will be.