Drawing the Line at Tails – Super Gaming Best Friends #116

Super Gaming Best FriendsJosh transforms into Big Bo, Justin is confused by Death’s weaponry, Cole is convinced The Last Story will be the only story, Brandon is training a new generation of heroic builders, and together they take a stand against interspecies procreation.

Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their latest video game adventures and then get to know each other better by discussing off-topic interests.

Show Notes

Josh, Justin L, Cole, Brandon

00:18 – Intro
05:04 – On the Spot Question
12:30 – What Are We Playing?
12:40 – Darksiders 2, Guild Wars 2, 10000000, Dust: An Elysian Tail
39:14 – Valkyria Chronicles, The Last Story, Papo & Yo
1:01:04 – Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Minecraft (XBLA), Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream
1:26:56 – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Binary Domain
1:55:51 – HorribleNight.com Updates
2:00:33 – Threesomes of the Week

Threesomes of the Week

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