The Binding of Isaac Remake Planning for Console Release

Nothing is solid yet, but our favorite missile-tears crying child of an oppressive God-crazed mother may be appearing on consoles in the future. The Binding of Isaac is currently being remade and rebalanced according to Edmund McMillen, and he says it’s up to the publisher what they do with the game as far as consoles go.

The Binding of Isaac | Nightmare | The Horrible Night

Coming to consoles? Hopefully there’s more toilet paper.

i have no involvement in these deals at all, its all up to the publisher handling the remake.. i avoid all the business bs :) – Edmund

I’m excited for a remake as new things are likely to appear, but I’m also excited for seeing The Binding of Isaac potentially reaching brand new audiences. When I asked myself if I was planning to make the purchase for XBLA should the game make its way there, I responded, “It depends on new features and what does XBLA gives me that my already awesome copy on Steam doesn’t.” When pushed on what features I’d like to see, I simply ignored my own inquiries and opened The Book of Belial. I quickly exited the conversation and went back to playing.


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