Hey! Play! The Border Lands: Borderlands 2 Demake

Demakes are some of my favorite displays of fanaticism. Usually it takes a talented fan with some programming skills and a healthy obsession to pull off a retro retelling of his/her game of choice. So if you told me that a game company released a demake of their upcoming game as a promotional tool for it, I’d probably think that was kind of gross. But if you quickly followed up that it was for Borderlands 2, I’d immediately and recover and applaud before rudely leaving the conversation to go play it.

The Border Lands

A bazillion guns just got debazillioneder.


While that made up scenario didn’t happen, and official Borderlands 2 demake is a reality. You can play it right now in your browser. Salvador, Maya, Zero, and Axton are ready to shoot some psychos and scags in let’s-call-it 12-bit top-down shooter style.

It’s a damn good fix of Borderlands complete with plenty of weapon crates.

What other franchises should be demade?


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