Aftermath of The Horrible Show Live #316

The Horrible Show AftermathJustin, Josh, and Ethan kick back with the live chat audience once after fantasizing about life without Ethan. Topics wander into Darksiders 2, Gen Con culture, DayZoo revisited, upcoming video games, and an update on the state of graphics cards.

Aftermath Episodes – The mics stay on after the show ends as the conversation continues and live chat interacts with the cast.

The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics.

This show was recorded live on Live podcasts are featured monthly. View the archived video.

Show Notes

Cast: Justin L, Ethan, Cole, Josh

Topic Summary

  • On the other hand, Ethan is gone!
  • Darksiders 2
  • The culture of Gen Con
  • Table Top Game Design vs Video Game Design
  • DayZoo, Outbreak: Wild Kingdom and Zombie Dinosaurs
  • Dwarf Fortress
  • How to block Ethan from the site
  • What are we playing next
  • Graphics Cards

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