I Learned Something Today: Darksiders II

I admit that I can be a pretty aimless person without the right motivation. However, when something matters to me or the people I care about, you can rest assured that I will be do whatever it takes to help out. That is along as I don’t get stuck or lost along the way. That’s where the lessons of Darksiders II come in.

Darksiders II

The Lessons of Darksiders II

  1. Birds are better than maps
  2. Don’t climb. Scurry.
  3. No one wants to help
  4. Support your bros

Birds are better than maps

I learned something today. GPS has been a life saving technology for me. I get lost in hotels so venturing out into the world without a guide isn’t an option. However, batteries and satellite signals don’t last forever. Luckily I have found a new helpful friend. If you get turned around and don’t know where to go, look to the sky. Call out to a bird and he will fly away in the direction you need to go. Just follow. No interpretation necessary. Thanks, Darksiders II.

Death and Dust

On second thought, maybe that bird was trained.

Don’t climb. Scurry.

I learned something today. Climbing is an exhausting activity. I’ve never had the patience to work on my technique as witnessing people scale vertical walls is very monotonous. I did finally find a traversal style that’s more to my liking – scurrying, flailing and clawing as fast as possible. It’s really quite brilliant as you aren’t on the surface long enough to slip or fall, you just keep moving. Don’t overthink it, just go as fast as you can. Plus I’m pretty sure if you do fall, you just appear back at the beginning of the climb. Thanks, Darksiders II.

No one wants to help

I learned something today. I don’t care how bad ass you think you are or how important you think it is that you get done what you think you need to get done. If you can’t do it completely alone and you ask for help, you are going to get sidetracked with some mundane chores. The problem is whenever lazy people come across someone who is truly motivated, they will take advantage of that person. How these people ever got to a position of knowledge or power, I’ll never know, but they are content on staying there and holding anything valuable that they have over you the second that they know that you need it. I used to think that I just got taken advantage of because I wasn’t assertive or powerful enough. The fact is even the strongest and most intimidating of us will turn into an errand runner if we have no other option to achieve our goal. Thanks, Darksiders II.


Meet my new errand boy.

Support your bros

I learned something today. We have documented time and time again how important bros are. Girl bros, gamer bros, pet bros, they all deserve your loyalty. If you were in a bind your bros have your back. I don’t care if it is helping them move, taking them to the airport, or going on an adventure in other realms to redeem their name for being falsely charged with the eradication of humanity. Do what it takes for your bros. Thanks, Darksiders II.


I’m much more mobile these days, some might even call me useful. At the very least I’m loyal and focused on my goals. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go deliver these thank you cards to this guys entire extended family so he can tell me about the guy who knows the guy who knows the guy who might know where my bro is. Thanks, video games.

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