DayZ Standalone PC Game First Before Considering Consoles

DayZ has been an incredibly productive and heralded mod to Arma II, and it’s been given the green light to become a standalone game. Recently at Gamescom, DayZ creator Dean Hall was asked if the game could find itself on consoles. He’s not jumping the gun quite yet, and his focus is on the PC release.

DayZ | Horrible Night

“I think it’s a staged-approach thing, so we’re really in the experimentation phase of it and that’s what the PC is really awesome for to experiment with it and we get the experience good and then if the sales are good then that means the demand is there and we look at what’s out there.”

He had several other quotes, but I think this holds true to what his mission is. He wants to create the best experience for DayZ in the PC market first and foremost. He also wants the game to be a big success. I like this approach, but there’s always that slight chance the port to console, or vise versa in many cases, loses something in the process. If he were to take on the console market for DayZ, one would hope they’d  have dedicated console developers involved versus just a standard port.

Will you be playing DayZ as a standalone? Would you wait for console, or are you picking it up on PC?


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