Hey! Buy! Uncharted Inspired Gun Holster

Now I say this purely based on my video game experience with a wide variety of weaponry and combat situations, but Nathan Drake’s gun holster is no slouch. Not only does it succeed the important holster qualities of holding on to my video game guns and releasing my video game guns when I grab them, but it also withstands an environmental beating. Nathan Drake doesn’t treat his own body kindly so you can imagine how durable his equipment needs to be.

Nathan Drake's Holster

Just right for when those real life bad guys won’t stop spawning.

Translate that all to a real-life, custom-made, Uncharted-inspired leather gun holster and what do you have? Well, I’m not qualified to say anything other than it looks bad ass and would make me feel similarly bad ass if I got the chance to wear it. Check out more images on VintageLeather’s Etsy page and you can almost imagine the narrow escapes you’d be equally capable of whether or not you actually owned it.

While Nathan Drake’s sense of style is included, his snark may require training before use.



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  1. Justin Gifford

    When I saw $50, I thought, “Hey, my Sig .40 will fit into that, even if I haven’t played UC3, it’d be kind of cool.” Then I realized that was SHIPPING and that the cost was up there on the right and was ~1/2 the cost of my Swiss pistol.

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