La-Mulana Game Curious Video: Raiding Ain’t Easy

After eons of waiting, the English version of La-Mulana is finally released.

Do you like Metroidvania games? Do you like Indiana Jones? Then you’re probably the target audience for La-Mulana. Justin and Josh are happy to find that a charming and surprisingly deep throwback experience awaits them in this Game Curious.

This video is intended for an mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly:

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I have to admit that I was completely out of the loop on La-Mulana. It has had quite a journey to an English release since it originally came out for Japan in 2005. I’m thankful Playism picked up the English release because I do love me some platform adventuring even outside of a Varia Suit.

I also have to admit that La-Mulana almost completely won me over with a single sound effect. Built off of the strong character design (i.e. the lead character looks like Indiana Jones) I was already developing a crush on the game, but that whip sound effect activated the pleasure points in my brain.

First reactions aside, I also noticed that La-Mulana isn’t messing around. This is a rich world complete with a seemingly endless tomb with no set path on how to get through it. No hand holding, no mercy, but just the right amount of intrigue to keep you going to the next screen again and again. While we struggled a bit at the beginning of our play session with some of the basics of the game, I wouldn’t hold that against La-Mulana. It may not have the most intuitive intro, but as soon as you step foot inside the tomb of La-Mulana the sheer promise of the game’s depth takes over.


Pro tip: Go in the first tent before you do anything else.

If you’ve been craving some classic side-scrolling adventure, but still want something new, La-Mulana is what you’ve been waiting for.

La-Mulana is available now for PC on Playism.

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