Iron Brigade Assembles on Steam on August 13th

Double Fine must get worried about its downloadable titles getting lonely if they are exclusive for too long. It looks as though Iron Brigade has been called up to join its cousins on the PC. Costume Quest and Stacking made the leap last year after being XBLA exclusives, so its nice to see our favorite downloadable game from Double Fine’s foursome get the chance to find some new players on a different platform.

Iron Brigade

Twirl those mustaches and fire!

Iron Brigade will be available on Steam starting on August 13th. It will also include the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC released earlier this year. If you are an Xbox 360 owner who hasn’t tried this tower defense action game with a manly sense of humor, the price has been dropped to 800 MS points.

You can read Double Fine’s announcement on its blog, complete with more PC screenshots.

Stock up on those cigars and get ready to man your trench, soldier!


Double Fine