Hey! Buy! Spelunky Figurines

Mention Spelunky around here and you’ll get an equal mix of joy and pure hatred. Something tells me that’s what designer, Derek Yu, had in mind the entire time he was creating this cruel and addictive roguelike platformer. Why else would he design it with such adorable characters?

Spelunky Figurines

No hate here.

Maybe owning a few of these characters will help you push aside the pain that Spelunky has caused. Fangamer has a set of 10 Spelunky mini-figurines available for $40 (or you can buy a single character in a blind box for $5 a piece). Come on, how can you get mad at that cute red nose and that adorable hat?



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  1. Aaron McNeal

    Would love to grab the whole set and maybe an extra one for that Spelunky-loving Josh Lee!

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