Gaming Our Asses Off Report 7/31: GiffTor Feels Pain

Yes, that’s right, I hurt, and not in the Johnny Cash sort of way. My neck and back are sore and my thighs are kind of yelling at me in that, “You overused us and we’re not happy about it,” kind of way. And as awesome as getting back into shape is, and as awesome as making Justin L. don the Cone of Shame (design to be determined) is going to be, what’s actually the most awesome in all of this is that it’s going on to bring some smiles to little guys and gals who are stuck in the hospital. (Where, I might add, they have air conditioning. What? It’s hot outside.) Still, the fringe benefit of having a concrete competition to get ripped again is great.

Gaming Our Asses OffGaming Our Asses Off – A charity competition that promotes a healthy balance of gaming and non-gaming activities.

Each competitor has a goal of losing 25 pounds, and gaining 2500 gamerscore. They will also be keeping track of their fund raising capabilities and hope to raise $2500 a piece.

After Week Three:

  • JDevL has currently lost 13 pounds / gained 1515 gamerscore / raised $250
  • GiffTor has currently lost 7 pounds / gained 1295 gamerscore / raised $200

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Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

Giant beer fridge of goodness +8

You see empty calories. I see “sanity.”

…Although, in this case, it does, at least partly. I have been eating a little bit healthier, but my difficulty is that I already ate pretty well, with lots of vegetables and fruits and egg whites and I don’t drink soda, so there went an easy-to-eliminate calorie mass (when you take getting rid of your after-work cocktail off the table, like I did). I’m definitely doing better on portion control, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve just been having my wife dish up my meals instead of doing it myself, since I have the tendency to load up the plate. That’s not a long-term solution, but it’ll work for right now. Where I’ve had difficulty is getting back into a work-out routine because, unlike altering your diet and practicing portion control, if you want to work out, you have to make time for it and you have to make yourself go – and I’ve been…mediocre about it.

Excuses aside, though, I got my bike back from the shop and a wife who’s in better shape than anyone who reads this site who manages to drag my lazy butt out of bed, so I’ll be doing a twice-or-thrice-a-week 11 miles-each-way ride and, provided my willpower holds out, a couple of gym sessions involving a lot of cardio after work. Hopefully, a lot of sweat can let me catch up to Mr. Lacey.

Need. Moar. Hours.

No, seriously. It may be the site’s tag line, but it’s hard to find enough hours in the day, especially when you’re trying to get an exercise routine up and running, to get maximum gamer points. I mean, I love video games, but I also love my tv shows and I like to read and…oh, yeah, there’s cooking dinner and cleaning the house and the animals…well, basically, parents-who-are-still-gamers-and-stay-fit, ya’ll are badasses in my book.

Now, obviously, I have made time for gaming. I’ve maxed out the achievements on The Darkness II with the exception of one, which Mr. Lacey was gracious enough to tell me how to get (Skeet Shoot). The only thing I didn’t like about The Darkness II was that it was over too soon – man, that game was fun. Since I wrapped up my time with the demon-sponsored mafia, I’ve played quite a bit of Choplifter HD, which has been a mostly-good experience. (Where “mostly good” = I’ve only terrified the cat a few times yelling obscenities, calling the game a cheating tramp.) It’s been an interesting faux-nostalgia, but last night I decided to move on and fired up Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and, in a half-hour, decided that it’s what Too Human should have been, combat wise. I’ll have more to say on it later, but here’s hoping that the achievements don’t come too few and far between – I have serious concerns that upping the exercise is going to give my competition an edge.

Warhammer 40K Space Marine with a warhammer

Did I mention you refill your health bar by executing Orks? Talk about a workout.

Since I just started Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, it’ll be a minute before I move on to something else (because I’m an obsessive-compulsive point whore completionist), but if I had to hazard a guess, it’ll likely be either Burnout: Paradise or Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Hopefully, at that point, I’ll hit the 2,500 point goal and only have some minor weight to finish getting rid of.

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