Horrible Night Out 8/4 – Hard and High Info and Featured Games

Horrible Night Out is all set for its returns to Net Heads this Saturday at 8pm. Stations are filling up so be sure to RSVP on Facebook to reserve your spot today.

Horrible Night Out is a relaxed gaming event where adult gamers can socialize with their friends and meet others from around the area. You never know when you might meet your next co-op buddy, guildie, or friendly nemesis. Net Heads offers a comfortable and casual environment to enjoy PC and Xbox 360 gaming featuring a playable library of recent major releases. Some past favorites games at recent events have been Dungeon Defenders, Diablo 3, Portal 2, Killing Floor, Minecraft, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Monday Night Combat, and Gears of War 3 among others. $10 will get you a day pass or membership to game as much as you want for the entire event. See Net Heads’ pricing info for more information.

In addition to open gaming sessions where you and your friends can play a variety of games along with the Horrible Night staff, HNO will also be hosting the Hard and High video game challenges. The winner of each challenge will take home one of our fabulous (?) prizes. Read on to find out which games we will be featuring for Hard and High.

Horrible Night Out - Hard and High

The Games of the Hard and High Challenges

Hard and High games were chosen based on two criteria – the game has to be hard, and high scores have to matter. Here are the three games we have chosen:


It’s hard even before Level 29.

Tetris (Nintendo) – Who are we to disagree with the masters? After our recent screening of Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters not only did it become clear that NES Tetris needed to be the definitive game of the challenge, but the movie also made us borderline obsessed with the game again.


Shoot harder.

Jamestown (PC) – SHMUP’s show no mercy and this indie favorite at least offers a bizarre plotline to distract you from how bad you are doing. Although Josh and I agree that Jamestown is better with a buddy, you will be fighting solo for the future of this Mars colony.

Marvel Pinball - Infinity Gauntlet

Super powers required.

Pinball FX 2 (Xbox 360) – Virtual pinball. Sure it looks even friendlier and more accessible than regular pinball, but can any of you actually say that you are good at pinball? Josh took us through all of the Avengers Chronicles tables and the Infinity Gauntlet board is ready put your millions of points in its place.

High score wins, folks, good luck.