I Learned Something Today: Outernauts

The summer doldrums can be pretty taxing. It’s easy to get lost in routines and just wish the days by and forget about some of the things we take for granted, like nature. The world around us still has plenty of adventures and discoveries left in it which all get even better when they are shared with friends of both the animal and same species variety. It is best explained by the lessons of Outernauts.


The Lessons of Outernauts

  1. Animals are resilient
  2. Pet shops are pointless
  3. Cut every lawn
  4. The open door policy is the only policy for true friends

Animals are resilient

I learned something today. While I am all for organizations that look out for the well-being of our animal friends, I think we’ve all lost sight as just how resilient these creatures are around each other. Now, I do not advocate for people to engage these animals directly, but there are some pretty amazing survival instincts that kick in when they fight each other properly. Rabid cage fights are certainly not the way to go, but their natural, civil, turn-based battles assure that all combatants will fight another day. With the right rules in place, even the most docile animal can unleash some truly fantastical abilities. The worst that can happen is your little buddy gets knocked unconscious, but there are medical supplies that will get it back on its feet in no time. Assuming you are a decent owner and have good money and all. Thanks, Outernauts.

Pet shops are pointless

I learned something today. Every time one of my friends brings home a new pet, I get disappointed. Sure cross breeding and the funny names kept me entertained for a while, but dogs and cats are all basically the same. No one uses their imagination anymore when it comes to choosing a pet species. Sure some animals look more wild than others, but tell me, have you ever tried to domesticate an alligator? How do you know it can’t be done? Here’s the trick, as long as you have the proper trap and you wear down that animal enough, it will submit. There are no limits to the types of animals you can obtain as long as you engage in officially sanctioned animal combat regulations. Personally, I’m building up my squad so that we can go take on and acquire the services of Ogopogo. I call dibs. Thanks, Outernauts.

Outernauts Friends

So much to do, I hope I have enough energy.

Cut every lawn

I learned something today. Scavenging isn’t a skill that is looked highly upon. That’s a good thing for us scavengers because it has caused a scavenging drought. The world has been replenished since our forefathers truly lived off of the land. The other day I was walking through the park with my pets, and I decided to hack apart an overgrown bush that was in our way. What happened next was a veritable treasure hunt. Beyond the useful natural resources, random items and even money sprung out and covered the ground around me. Needless to say, I started up a landscaping service and have been literally raking in the loot. If you don’t believe me, chances are I just got there before you did. Thanks, Outernauts.

The open door policy is the only policy for true friends

I learned something today. Friends always welcome you into their home no matter what. It’s something you should never take for granted, but you should also be aware of. The fact is if an offer like that is extended, it would be rude to not make use of it. To truly test the relationship, go over to their house when they aren’t home and just visit. Don’t abuse the place, but feel free to make yourself at home, take in the sights, and I dunno, use the exercise equipment or the fridge. Your world will feel like it has opened up a little and you will become a lot closer to your friends. Of course, this works both ways so be sure to stock up your own fridge because you need know when your friends will drop by. Thanks, Outernauts.

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Now my only problem is an overabundance of pets, friends, and possessions. I barely have enough places to store them all. Thanks, video games.


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