Spelunky Game Curious Video: It’s All Your Fault

Follow Josh and Justin down a slow, dark decent into madness with a first look at Spelunky for XBLA. What looks like a charming indie platformer turns out to be the catalyst for mental breakdowns. Keep the NSPL on speed-dial for this episode of Game Curious.

This video is intended for an mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly:

Video Guide

  • Intro: 0:00:04 – 0:02:20
  • Tutorial Levels: – 0:02:21 – 0:22:09
  • The Mines: 0:22:10 – 1:10:59

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Just stay away from things that can hurt you. It’s that simple.

My favorite detail about Spelunky is the innocent appearance it gives off when you first start playing. The gameplay is simple and the controls are as tight as you can ask from a platformer. Of course all of that friendliness is just a cover for the dastardly roguelike features that are in place to ruin your day. That being said, Spelunky has the unique ability to never feel like it is screwing you over. Which makes the level-headed player always want to try one more time.

Having experienced Spelunky a bit myself and knowing that its deception runs deep and cruel, I could not wait for it to lure Josh into its traps. As Josh and I began, Josh’s level of optimism was running pretty high. I had hopes for him that he’d be able to maintain his enthusiasm, or at least a cool head. But I have to admit that I probably had too much fun witnessing his deteriorating demeanor throughout our recording. Culminating in a dramatic and completely silent defeat that made me love Spelunky even more.

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  1. Justin Gifford

    I am 100% with JoshLeeDotCom on this one. I’m angry with myself for even downloading it.

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