Prototype of The Legend of Zelda Available for a Mere $150k

The Legend of Zelda

A great way to make your poor friends marvel at your amazing financial.

Are you the type of person that loves super special things that no one else has? Do you have an extra $150,000.00 laying around waiting to be blown? Are you a gamer? If you answered yes to these questions, than some guy on eBay has the perfect item for you! That’s right folks, you could own a prototype copy of The Legend of Zelda, a treasure that the buyer states is “THE single most impressive item in video game collecting in [his] humble opinion.” It doesn’t look like there is much difference between this “prototype” and a normal copy of The Legend of Zelda, so don’t expect Link to be shooting a machine gun or hanging out with robotic ninjas.

This is definitely not the type of auction that a poor fledgling writer such as myself will take part in, but I’ll be curious if someone actually pays the full price. I would also like to meet that person and spend the day looking at the game through thick glass, though I expect to be doing so in some sort of underground mansion or atop a majestic high-rise. For those of you that have your doubts, the buyer also included a video showing him playing the game, which to me seems like the kind of action that would depreciate the value of such an item. Then again, I don’t deal in antique gaming.


Ebay via Joystiq