Fez Patch “Good Enough” for Microsoft

Do you remember the Fez patch that reportedly was destroying saves for some players? Do you also remember that this patch was pulled shortly after being placed on XBL? Well, everyone rejoice because the save killing patch is returning! In a recent post on the Poytron site, Phil Fish declared that the save issues were only affecting 1% of the total population of gamers. He went on to say that the patch is more likely to affect saves that are towards the end of the game, but new games are not affected in anyway by the patch. The intriguing part of the post is that Fish joins the ranks of the many indie developers that have dirty laundry with Microsoft. He points out that Steam would have allowed him to patch the patch for free, whereas every time a patch is released on Xbox, the game must be recertified (which costs money). Microsoft deemed the current patch “good enough” and Phil felt that releasing a “good enough” patch was better than spending an undeclared amount of money to patch the patch.


Gomez, you may come out of your room when you promise to stop destroying save states!

The war of words between the indie devs and Microsoft seemingly will never end. One would think that these arguments will continue to persuade developers not to sign exclusivity deals with Xbox, and gravitate to more developer friendly platforms. It already has Phil counting down the days to the end of the exclusivity. What do you think: Does Phil Fish owe his ‘customers’ a quality patch, or is it time for indie developers to start taking a hard stance against Microsoft’s certification policies? Maybe the grief of working with Microsoft is worth the exposure …


Giant Bomb