Rock Band Blitz Gives an Encore Performance Starting on Aug 28

Before Harmonix brought plastic guitars to your living room, it made a few different music games entirely. Some PlayStation 2 owners fondly remember FreQuency and Amplitude as two of the more unique music experiences available in gaming. While no sequels look likely for those games anytime soon, Harmonix has a few tricks up its sleeve and knows that most of us have put down the plastic instruments in the last few years.

Rock Band Blitz

All the instruments, all the tracks, all at once, one controller.

Rock Band Blitz is a single player downloadable arcade game that gives you a different way to play your favorite Rock Band tracks, this time with a controller. While the game works with with your Rock Band music library, it will also feature some new songs that are cross-compatible with Rock Band 3. Because who knows, after a few sessions with Rock Band Blitz on your controller, it may be time to dust off those plastic drums in the closet.

Rock Band Blitz will be released for PSN on August 28 for $14,99, and on XBLA on August 29th for 1200 MS Points.