Fifty Shades of Dragon – Super Gaming Best Friends #113

Super Gaming Best FriendsJosh, Justin, and Ethan invite Cole along for cave adventures, a crowded classic, an erotic but secret world, a different zombie island, demon hugs, portrait ruining, sluggo introductions, and a global offensive.

Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their latest video game adventures and then get to know each other better by discussing off-topic interests.

Show Notes

Josh, Justin L, Ethan, Cole

00:18 – Intro
02:01 – On the Spot Question
07:14 – What Are We Playing?
07:26 – Spelunky
24:00 – Suikoden
36:13 – The Secret World
57:25 – DayZ
1:13:52 – The Darkness II
1:25:17 – Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
1:34:28 – Krater
1:45:36 – Counter-Strike: GO
1:54:33 – Updates
1:56:53 – Threesomes of the Week

Threesomes of the Week

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