Hey! Watch! Conan is a Clueless Gamer but can still Review Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

Conan Clueless Gamer

If anyone can break Kinect…

One of the outs that I tend to give Kinect games is that they aren’t meant for the type of gamer that I am. Kinect games are trying to appeal to a wider audience and be simple to jump in and play. That’s why Conan O’Brien’s most recent video segment, Clueless Gamer, may offer the best possible reviews for these types of games. Conan admit he knows nothing about games and plays very little of them, so witnessing him struggle with a game like Michael Phelps: Push the Limit is both entertaining and strangely justifying.

While Conan has only reviewed two Kinect games so far, I’ll be interested to see if this series continues and if it branches out to games with traditional controls. Of course, if he just wants to confirm when a game truly is for no one, I’m ok with that, too.


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