PAX 10 Revealed for PAX Prime 2012

The Pax 10I’m not sure when it happened, but as cool as it is to get a chance to play some of the biggest games in the industry at the Penny Arcade Expo, the indie games always steal the show for me. At the center of the indie game fervor is the PAX 10 – an expertly selected featured group of indie games. The PAX 10 always features a combination of games that are available to play to day or are about to be released. Regardless, a majority of the games tend to stick in our gaming conversations until the next PAX 10.

This year’s PAX 10 has been announced and you can check out the kick ass site to find out more info about each game, or read on if the list is enough of a tease for you:

The PAX 10 for PAX Prime 2012:

PAX Prime is in Seattle, WA on Aug 31-Sep 2, 2012


PAX 10 Site