Universal Studios to Flaunt Silent Hill this Fall

Silent Hill

Despite having solid boobs, I think these nurses will still become the antagonists of nightmares as opposed to the source for wet dreams.

Universal Studios has stumbled upon a genius idea that’s completely topical and decided that it’d feature a Silent Hill theme for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. The event, which lasts from the end of September until Halloween usually features mazes or haunted houses with horror movie scenarios thus allowing brave visitors the opportunity to touch elbows with the likes of Leatherface, the Wolfman and Octomom.

While I think Silent Hill makes for a pretty solid foray into the true horror that video games can produce, where in the hell has Universal Studios been for the last 14 or so odd years? Does it really take this long to realize the potential that such games have or was King Kong just not willing to allow the source material for a “children’s toy” into his limelight? I’d be excited, but I get diarrhea every time I go to Universal Studios so I’ll stick with the Resident Evil themed haunted hayride I throw every year in my backyard.