Video Game MD: Dealing with ‘Video Game Apathitis’

Do you suffer from bouts of “I don’t know what to play?” Do you spend nights staring at your game collection and tell yourself, “I don’t know what to play!” Are the games you own just “not good enough?” If you find yourself saying any of these statements, you might be suffering systems of Video Game Apathitis (Apathy), or VGA, for short.

Mordin Solus | Mass Effect 3 | Horrible Night

I’ve consulted with the universe’s best doctors on this matter.

Symptoms of Video Game Apathitis

The symptoms are subtle and sometimes hard to spot when a player is suffering from VGA, and if left untreated, it can wreak havoc on the player’s wallet or social capital. Unfortunately, insurance companies won’t cover such an affliction, and it’s unclear whether or not the federally-funded healthcare will foot the bill. We’ll surely know before 2014.

Look for these symptoms to spot VGA:

  • A high-volume of video games on the shelf but there’s “nothing to play.”
  • Staring at a Steam library or console dashboard for long periods of time.
  • Aggressive behavior to suggestions from others on what to play.
  • Undergarments in a bunch.
  • An overall piss-poor attitude.


I am paying zero researchers to work around the clock to discover the true cause of VGA, but what I can tell you is it seems to happen to even the best of us. Even fake doctors like myself can get sick from time to time. There are many factors that can be in play from my minutes of research and personal experience:

  • If you find yourself lacking time, you may not feel like committing to a new game or anything of substantial quality.
  • Sometimes looking at the entire library can be overwhelming and make the decision more difficult.
  • Sometimes you can play too much of a single game, making all other games seem less enticing.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Lack of money.
Dr. Zed | Borderlands | Horrible Night

This consultation started out kind of rough, but he was really able to cut deep into the matter.


As an unlicensed physician, I cannot prescribe any substances or medication. What I can prescribe are actions to resolve the issue, and if you or someone you know are afflicted with VGA you can try these exercises to overcome the illness.

Revisit an old favorite

Nearly every single player has an “old favorite” they spent hundreds of hours playing in the past. If you haven’t dusted off that old game in a while, it may be time to pay it a visit. Play an old character you developed a story with or start anew – maybe a fresh look at the game with a new character will give you new life to try new things. If you can’t create a new character, try something new in the game. Try tactics you may have seen or thought of but never tried before. Sometimes just doing something different with a game you know the ins and outs of is a good change of pace.

Play a demo of something new

There are demos available on every platform, so it may be time to take a break and try a non-committal demo. A demo may be a good distraction from your current predicament as well as a help in discovering something new without paying any money. The trick is to not play a demo that is exactly like the rest of your library. Your library wasn’t good enough already, so try something that gets you to experience something out of your ordinary.

Dr. Robotnik | Sonic Franchise | Horrible Night

After narrowly escaping with my life, I can safely report that you should not seek his advice.

Watch a live stream or online videos

It can be very likely you’re burned out from playing video games, and that’s nothing to scoff at. There are a ton of live streams at TwitchTV or even now on YouTube. Go watch someone play a game you haven’t seen or even one of your own. Just sit back and relax. I also wouldn’t be doing my job without a shameless plug of Horrible Night’s content on TwitchTV and YouTube.

Go do something else

None of the other recommendations worked? I’m assuming that’s why you’ve made it this far. I think it’s time to just go do something else. You could be burned out and just need to recharge. Go take a nap, or take a vacation. Even professional athletes need breaks from their chosen sports. As much as I hate to say this is the case, you might just need a vacation…from…video games. That was hard to say. I mean that’s why we’re all here! Regardless, you just may need a break. Take a couple of days off. I won’t tell you what to do with your time. That’s for you to decide, but walk away from your game platforms and center yourself for when your gamecation ends.

Now for the Bill

I’m not going to charge you. Don’t worry. I’m just glad I could help in your time of need. Just remember that suffering Video Game Apathitis, or VGA, is a serious condition that afflicts thousands of players every day. If you know of someone else who is suffering from VGA, please have them seek help immediately.

Video Game MD – Scenarios occur in people’s lives every day that they can not control but would love to alter. Can video games satiate these primal desires? We offer the best prescription alternative to taking real life matters into your own hands.


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  1. Nate G

    My problem is that once game(s) set a particular bar for quality in my head, everything else just seems subpar. Also I tend to be monogame-ous until something else really grabs my attention.

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