Bioware Confirms the Not-So-Secret DLC: Mass Effect 3’s ‘Earth’

It was leaked recently by some file sifters that there may be another multiplayer DLC coming for Mass Effect 3 titled “Earth.” Today Bioware officially announced the new DLC and what’s included, and it is as it sounds: multiplayer maps on Earth.

Mass Effect 3: Earth Multiplayer DLC | Horrible Night

When there’s no more room in space, the Reapers shall walk the Earth.

There will be 3 new multiplayer maps added, and battles with deadly futuristic weaponry will take place in Rio, Vancouver, and London. London is considered ground zero by many who know the Mass Effect 3 story. In addition to new maps, players will also get access to new gear and mods.

Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept!  Each comes complete with new and powerful abilities and melee attacks.

Personally, I rarely see any players using human classes, but these classes look to shake things up. Do you play human characters in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer?

As with the other multiplayer DLC, Earth will be available at no additional charge, and it will be available on July 17, 2012.


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  1. Justin Gifford

    Yes, actually, I do. I like quite a few of the human classes (not the Adept, though) since a lot of the alien classes’ skills (e.g., “Reave”) are lame. Also: Overload.

  2. Justin Gifford

    You’re correct. Not playing together is unacceptable. We need to determine a time.

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