I Learned Something Today: The Darkness

The way society works most of the time only benefits certain types of people. It can seem impenetrable to outsiders, but I’ve figured out how to break through a few walls that they’ve put up to contain us. Embrace the lessons of The Darkness.

The Lessons of The Darkness

  1. Kill all of the lights
  2. Kill distractions when those around you die
  3. Kill the voices in your head with kindness
  4. Kill all doubt that you are the boss

The Darkness

Kill all of the lights

I learned something today. The lights are your enemy, and the ones in charge control the lights. Lights are the source of their power, but they also require a power source. That’s when I started thinking: What if I didn’t need the lights? After living in darkness for a while, I found I was able to function at a very high level. You also get an inherent advantage over everyone who is used to light. People also frighten easily in the dark and become impatient, claustrophobic, and make rash decisions. That’s why in every social or business situation, I turn out the lights ahead of time or just smash them entirely. That way I am in control from the start, and they have no idea who turned out the lights. Plus I can get them to agree to or sign just about anything I put in front of them since they are too flustered to admit they can’t see it. Thanks, The Darkness.

Kill distractions when those around you die

I learned something today. Now, I’m not gonna come out and say that you should kill everyone that is important to you – that’s crazy. Also, it’s just not as effective as merely making the best of the situation when everyone who is important to you happens to die from outside forces. When you have no one left to care about, your world has a lot of focus on accomplishing the goal that is truly important to you. Without distractions and with complete attention on that goal, you are pretty much an unstoppable force. Thanks, The Darkness.

Kill the voices in your head with kindness

I learned something today. Spending a lot of time alone in the dark will certainly lead to your mind playing tricks on you during the adjustment period. I just want you to know that it is completely normal to hear voices in your head. You may actually be crazier if you don’t hear them. When the voices turn on you, and they will, just remember that these voices have no real friends or identity. Sure they may seem overly confident and cruel in their communication, but that’s just because no one really knows them and they are hiding from everyone else, in your head. They are trolls, plain and simple. Either work with them to become their friends or just ignore them completely and know that their opinion doesn’t matter. Whatever you do, though, do not encourage their negative behavior with your own. Do not feed the trolls. Thanks, The Darkness.

The Darkness Kill

You’re not prepared for me, here.

Kill all doubt that you are the boss

I learned something today. Getting to the top isn’t pretty. Sacrifices have to be made, rules have to be broken, and others will be hurt by your actions. When you truly make it though, it will be worth it. You will not only know that you are untouchable, but because your methods were so thoroughly effective, no one will question you or your rise to power. They will all accept you as their boss because they will what happened to the ones who tried to stop you. Thanks, The Darkness.


Being alone in the dark is a state that most of society tries to avoid. It feels unnatural at first, but its advantages maybe the most well-kept power secret of our time. We invented light to take control of the darkness and we’ve become too soft because of it. Shift the balance of power with me back to its natural state and we can rule everyone. Thanks, video games.

I Learned Something Today – Who says that video games can’t teach you life skills? Sure they may get you put in prison or banished from society, but they are skills nonetheless. We take an over-the-top look at some of the potential applications of what video games have taught us.


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