Kid and Play: My Son Likes Trials, Likes Danger, Likes Fire

I think there’s something you should know about my son. He just so happens to like trials, like danger, like fire, likes nitro, and likes getting wild. He likes a little bit of blast. He likes taking it fast. He likes taking it to the end and doing it with no class. If those words sound familiar, they should. Those are the opening words to Trials Evolution, the latest game that my son loves to play with me about once or twice a week.

Trials Evolution | Horrible Night

Big winner in the house of H.

When I first purchased Trials Evolution I knew it would be a time-killer game for me. I wasn’t planning on dedicating the time to it that I typically dedicate to others. I was still intrigued by the gameplay when I first witnessed it on one of our live gaming sessions. For some reason I had a feeling that while it may be difficult for him to master, my son would be really into the game.

Can we play the motorcycle game?

When my son wants to play Trials Evolution he asks that question. He likes to race against me. Admittedly, I do let him win sometimes, but I also help him learn the general physics of the game. When he leans forward, he knows to pull left on the stick. When he leans back, he knows to push right on the stick. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched him greatly improve as he is learning how to properly land his bike on larger and more complex jumps to maintain speed. It’s really fun to watch him learn, but it’s even more fun to sit on the couch with my son and enjoy a good game.

Trials Evolution Multiplayer | Horrible Night

Riding side by side with Dad is all he needs.

Setting a pro example

With my son sitting next to me, I really play Trials Evolution differently. For starters, when he’s in not around, I invent new obscenities to spew forth in tongues I don’t even recognize. When he’s next to me, I refrain from such explosions of filth. I take the time to spend more time to watch him more as we play local multiplayer. I help by example. I help him understand the controls and physics, why his rider does something based on what he’s telling the controller to do, and I think this is a great game to teach perseverance because it will royally kick your ass. This is especially true when you’re 5 years-old and still relatively new to video games.

Like old times

When I was younger I didn’t play video games with Dad. It’s a shame too. He preferred single-player RPG experiences, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I did spend many days and nights playing with my closest friends, within punching distance, screaming and laughing at the screen as we played games together. Now, I get to relive those experiences with my son, and it takes video games to an entirely new level for me. This generation who will grow up with many parents that are gamers will get opportunities like these to play local multiplayer and laugh and cheer at all the same things. I think this is an exciting time not only to play video games and be a parent, but to help shape the next generation of gamers who will likely one day play with their sons and daughters.

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  1. asmilon

    That was a great read, thanks for sharing!

    I have an almost 3 year old daughter and she already shows me that she wants to participate in my gaming sessions! I can’t imagine how fun it’s going to be when she will be able to better understand the mechanics and participate actively!

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