Radical Entertainment Hit with Layoffs, Business as Usual for Activision and Prototype 2 PC Release

In news that has become all too common as of late, Radical Entertainment recently laid off around 89 of its employees. While this accounts for “less than 1.5%” of parent company Activision’s workforce, it’s still disheartening news regardless of what sort of cold, hard figures are given out. At least the investors can breath a sigh of relief knowing that Activision itself isn’t hurting.

Prototype 2

Sorry guys, I eviscerated as many people as I could. Guess it just wasn’t enough…

Should you be the type that is less concerned with the impact this news has on 89 folks and their families and more concerned with whether or not Prototype 2 is still coming out for PC, don’t worry, the game is going to launch on July 24th as planned.

I’m 150% sure it takes the sting of unemployment away from those unfortunate Radical employees to see that the game they worked so hard on will have another chance to taste success even if they don’t benefit directly from it. Whoever the PR guy was on that post obviously knows how to turn lemons into lemonade! Dick.