Sales & Specials App Released on Xbox 360

It seems Microsoft is attempting to get a bit clever with its sales. It’s adding some spice to the generic “hey buy this for cheaper” method with the Sales & Specials App on the Xbox 360 dashboard. It’s not replacing the Deal of the Week which most Gold members are familiar with. It’s adding some other things to it which shake up the monotony. My question: will we start seeing variety? On day one (June 26, 2012), the deals were more or less the same in a different outfit.

Sales & Specials Application | Xbox 360 | Horrible Night

Play as you spend!

The Sales & Specials App is free and available to all members, and it will need to be downloaded similar to other media applications you may already use. You can find it in the Games section of your Xbox 360 Dashboard.

What’s Included

  • Deal of the Week (same as always)
  • Scratch & Match
  • Chain Reaction

Deal of the Week

This is the same Deal of the Week most of us are familiar with. This is exclusive to Gold members.

Scratch & Match

A nice little feature in which you play a small game to scratch off a picture to reveal game pieces behind it. If you line up 3 pictures you are entered to win a prize which ranges from avatar items, MS points, or Xbox LIVE Arcade games. You can play once per day for a chance to win. This is available to free and Gold members.

Chain Reaction

Every time you buy an item within a chain, the next item becomes available at a discount. These items are generally from the same game or related in another way. It’s a way to unlock more discounts as you buy. It rewards you for spending more.

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