E3 12: Skyrim Dawnguard Trailer

There is new content on the horizon for one of 2011’s biggest hits, which means that those of you who thought you were done with the absurd amount of content that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offered are about to get dragged back into the frosty lands that may or may not have ruined relationships a few months prior.

While Dawnguard rumors have been floating around for a little while, the trailer confirmed that this latest scenario is going to involve a war between vampires and the men tasked with slaying them. The premise of the main quest line being that you get to choose which side to fight on. While becoming a vampire doesn’t sound nearly as awesome as turning into a werewolf, the affliction (or blessing depending on your perspective) will open up a host of new abilities that will help you become the best vampire lord possible. Based on the trailer, you’ll be able to transform into a bat-like humanoid, but unlike with Lycanathropy you can exit the form at will. Other vampire activities will include telekinetic blood absorption (called Vampiric Grip), hovering and turning into a cloud of bats. You’ll also get to hang around in a spooky castle, though there isn’t any mention of falling in love with apathetic teenage girls or equipping skin tight leather suits.

The benefits to joining the vampire slayers (Dawnguard) outside of the satisfaction of following a morally righteous path aren’t all that apparent but they too have a cool castle and also wield crossbows. Crossbows will equate to a quicker shot since they’ll remain loaded as you traverse the world though they’ll take much longer to load. That being said, telling people you own a crossbow is way cooler than bragging about a normal bow.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

Dusk is ok on its own, what we need to worry about is the wee hours of the morning.

In addition to the titular specific tidbits, Dawnguard is going to be introducing a host of other game play additions including horse combat, new weapons, new shouts and some new enemies. I think I saw a cyclops milling about in that trailer, which isn’t my favorite mythical creature based on the lack of depth perception but beggars can’t be choosers. When are centaurs going to get some love bros?

Frankly speaking, I’m pretty excited about Dawnguard though I haven’t decided whether to call it DLC or an expansion. The price point (1600 Microsoft Points or about $20.00) seems to point towards expansion but I haven’t seen enough to determine if it has the amount of content that The Shivering Isles had for Oblivion. Regardless, I have faith that this is going to be a great way to find one’s self back into the love nest that is Skyrim, and I’m looking forward to getting more details about it as E3 2012 continues.

Dawnguard will be released at the end of this summer, with a 30 day exclusivity for the Xbox 360 before coming to PC and PS3.


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