Hey! Play! Side Quest and Help Out a Bit

Side Quest

The most important adventures are the ones you do on the side...

Jordan Wilson has opinions about things. There are things he hates, things he loves and there are probably a number of things he’s indifferent to as well. Unlike you or me, Jordan Wilson does not take to internet forums or social networking hubs to voice these opinions. Rather, Jordan Wilson creates games that bleed his sentiments, forcing those who experience his work to absorb his views and ponder the world issues he deems important enough to be represented in the digital medium, issues he tackles head-on in his side-scrolling adventure Side Quest.

If you happen to be a fan of open world RPGs, you’ll definitely get the point Mr. Wilson is all but screaming throughout Side Quest. It’s not a long game (one could also debate whether it’s a game at all) but it’s absolutely worth your time especially if you happen to be the type that gets easily distracted with inane tasks when you should be fighting the forces of evil. Next up for Mr. Wilson: the double D bra size prerequisite for females characters in gaming.


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  1. Jordan Wilson

    It’ll be a while before I finish “Jiggle Quest”… I have to do a lot of research first… a lot….

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