Latest Diablo III Update Sponsored by Hasbro, Next One to be Legendary

If you’ve been playing Diablo III and aren’t already pissed about every other aspect of the game, the recent “nerfing” of certain class skills probably added you to the very overcrowded boat full of people with Blizzard grievances. While the announcement of a future update may not mend the wounds suffered after seeing your Demon Hunter’s smoke screen become more or less useless, it seems those “greedy, disconnected, douche-bag pussies” over at Blizzard have decided to resolve some other issues that users have been having and sat down to discuss things with PC Gamer.

Diablo III

Looks like Diablo 3 is going through some super ackward puberty.

Items look to get a huge revamp as costs for crafting are going to come down and Legendary items (which are a bit of a joke as of late) are going to get buffed. How buffed remains to be seen, but I am hoping for ultra buffs, though I’d settle for mega or super buffs if need be. These changes won’t be retroactive, so don’t expect your “Shining Bracer of the Goose” to suddenly morph into an item with a better animal name in the suffix.

There will also be continued skill based changes as well as alterations to Inferno Mode, though what those may be was a bit ambiguous. From what I can tell, Blizzard wants you to have more freedom with your builds and wants those builds to be feasible in the end game. I have yet to endure Inferno Mode but from what I’ve gathered in the forums, people hate being killed with “one shot”. I personally would prefer to not be killed with any number of shots, though I think they’re referring to being killed in one hit by the super mean monsters that exist in that beastly portion of the game.

Expect these changes and more as that horrible monstrosity of an ARPG you can’t stop playing continues to mature.


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