I Learned Something Today: Super Meat Boy

Just sitting around and waiting for your moment isn’t going to cut it anymore. Chances are when your moment comes that you won’t even have the skills necessary to seize it. So even if you don’t know what the world is going to ask of you, you should get out there and work with what you have. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll listen to the lessons of Super Meat Boy.

The Lessons of Super Meat Boy

  1. Run and jump in case that super power you want never comes along
  2. Your skin is holding you back
  3. Everyone who dies is a quitter
  4. Need a trainer? Find a nemesis

Super Meat Boy

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Run and jump in case that super power you want never comes along

I learned something today. I’ve always wanted super powers and never really known why. After all it’s been well documented that from heat vision to immortality that they all come with great responsibility. Sure I could be talked into saving the world if a true crisis came along, but most of the time I’d just use the power to show off to impressionable people. So instead of pining for the awesome but useless, I decided to work on the most useful of natural human abilities – agility. Running fast and jumping are the only skills necessary. After all, if you are ever confronted by a situation that can’t be solved by running or jumping, you aren’t running fast enough or jumping high enough. Then, again you could just run away. Problem solved. Thanks, Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy Skinless

Just squishy enough to stick, if you can ignore the pain

Your skin is holding you back

I learned something today. Truth be told, running away from a problem isn’t really an option, even for the fastest of us. For those particularly difficult (or particularly vertical) situations, I upped the ante in my agility training and became a parkour expert. Things were progressing slowly until I had a traumatic fall. Directly on my face. It wasn’t pretty. I mean, the gravel literally shredded the skin off of my face, I am hideous. I got up though, and tried again. The wind on my exposed flesh hurt like hell, but it also helped me focus enough to get to the top. The adrenaline rush from that achievement made all of the pain go away. Which got me thinking, how far could the pain push me? Logically, I decided to peel off all the skin on my entire body and my world has changed forever. I’m jumping higher than ever before and now I even stick to walls long enough to jump off of them. There’s literally no obstacle I can’t overcome or room that can contain me. Plus, no one even cares that I’m running around naked all of the time. The ultimate freedom. Thanks, Super Meat Boy.

Everyone who dies is a quitter

I learned something today. When you fall hard enough to tear the skin off of your face it can make you fearless. The moment I stopped being scared of falling, I stopped noticing my failures, and eventually I stopped being afraid of death all together. It turns out that death is completely in our minds. If you are determined enough, you literally won’t even notice when you die and you will just start over on whatever task you were in the middle of when you died. Hell, I’ve technically died thousands of times, but that just made my eventual victory all the better as all of the lessons from those failures flash before your eyes when you finally triumph. Of course we all know that most people do actually die, and I attribute those deaths to all of them having fear and doubt to the point where they gave up. Try harder and you won’t die, it’s that simple. Thanks, Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy Vicotry

Celebrate your victories with your past failures.

Need a trainer? Find a nemesis

I learned something today. I’d like to tell you that I became the most agile and fearless hero around purely due to my own discipline and exercise routines, but that isn’t true. I need to thank my nemesis for making this all possible. While I hope that some doctoral freak of nature doesn’t put you through what I’ve gone through, I have to say my life is better because of him. Sure my girlfriend is slightly traumatized after being kidnapped right in front of me, hundreds of times, repeatedly, without end… but we are both stronger for it. Well, at least I am. Trying to save her, made me fearless. Saving her became an addiction, and now I’m unstoppable. No one can hide keep anything from me that I want. Well, except for intimacy. We can hardly touch each other without it causing me blinding pain. Which makes her run away all over again, but don’t worry I always track her down. Thanks, Super Meat Boy.


I’ve officially done the most with what I was given. I hope you found my skinless charades an inspiration, because you’ve got a lot of catching up and falling down to do.  Thanks, video games.

I Learned Something Today – Who says that video games can’t teach you life skills? Sure they may get you put in prison or banished from society, but they are skills nonetheless. We take an over-the-top look at some of the potential applications of what video games have taught us.


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