Hey! Buy! SNES Controller for Wii

ThinkGeek introduces another reason to dust off your Wii that, let’s face it, falls in line with why you really bought it for yourself. As great as those Virtual Console titles are they still play a bit weird even on the Wii’s Classic Controller. How would you like a proper SNES controller for the Wii? ThinkGeek has you covered with the Classic Super Famicom Controller.

SNES Controller

Feels like the 90s.

Looks like home doesn’t it? All the right face buttons in the right places and even some pretty new colors for those of us used to the SNES’s purple motif. The controller hooks right into your WiiMote and you are ready to play some proper SNES games. It will also work with NES games, but naturally any games needing analog support are out. That’s not why you bought this immediately though. Super Metroid is waiting, play her right.



3 Comments Hey! Buy! SNES Controller for Wii

  1. Tommy

    Josh, do those retro ports work pretty well? I’ve been contemplating getting some of those for a while now but have never pulled the trigger.

  2. Josh Lee

    Yeah, Tommy, I use the SNES and NES Wii/Gamecube ports and they work wonderfully for both Virtual Console and any emulators. I personally haven’t used the usb versions but I hear they work great too.

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