XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preorder Bonus and Other Superfluous Junk Announced

There’s only one way to truly add sparkle to a game’s release and that’s preorder initiatives! If you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and want to prove it, you’ll be rewarded with special (retailer approved) bonuses. These bonuses include things like in-game decals, options for squad color customization and even an XCOM: UFO Defense inspired squadmate that will probably affect the game as much as the aforementioned visual alterations. Cowabunga!

I'd rather have this guy in plush form...

The special edition PC version was also announced and for $59.99 you’ll get the usual special edition fare including an art book, a poster, the game’s soundtrack and a wallpaper for your desktop. You’ll even get a cool XCOM patch that you can put on that empty Letterman’s jacket that continues to haunt you from your closet. You may not have earned any significant extra-curricular achievements in high school, but you’ll always be significant in the eyes of Team XCOM!

All fun-loving sarcasm aside, I’m really excited for this game and can’t wait to show off my special edition schwag to the new German friends I hope to make after my move. And if I don’t make any friends, that means more time for XCOM!


Giant Bomb (Images)