Tried It: Going Indie – Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

There’s some room for discussion on whether or not Minecraft really is an indie game anymore or if it ever was, but it’s my non-professional opinion the game still qualifies as an indie game. Ever since it blasted onto the PC scene on a shoestring budget I’ve watched it from afar. I knew in my heart I would likely enjoy the game, but I never took the plunge for a variety of reasons. The most striking reason was: fear. I feared I would fall incredibly in love with the game, get lost in my own little world, and likely never be heard from again. Last night I decided to “go indie” and play Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. What happened next was extraordinary.

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition | Going Indie | Horrible Night

When I saw these words floating in the sky I, too, wanted to fly.

Oh My God I Love This Game!

I think that’s the first sentence I said about Minecraft after about 10 minutes within the tutorial. I instantly saw all the possibilities laid out before me. The lack of “modern graphics” didn’t phase me in the slightest as I shifted my focus to all of the things I could build. Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Thinks You Can Think instantly poured into my head as I started running about mining all I could with my bare fists. I didn’t actually have tool to make this happen at the time so I did things the hard way. It didn’t matter. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is incredibly accessible, and the tutorial is done in a way that doesn’t make me feel incredibly stupid or like this is the first time I picked up the tutorial. I respect a game that respect’s my intelligence.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition | Big World | Going Indie | Horrible Night

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

In my short stints of playing indie games such as The Binding of Isaac the one thing I’ve learned is that I don’t miss all the bells and whistles that typically come with AAA titles. That’s a good thing, too. The game is holding up on its own without the fluff. I think this puts focus on an important lesson: Being entertained when playing video games is great, but the most important aspect of any game is the game itself.

Minecraft is an interesting game concept in a lot of ways. There’s really no way to “beat the game.” You just challenge yourself creatively all the while staying alive. That’s about it. Somehow that core game concept is really entertaining. For once, I am my only obstacle in the sense of managing my own time, resources, and not going out and being dumb.

Friends are Awesome

No hook line here. I haven’t tried Minecraft on my own beyond the tutorial. The second I could play with my friends I did. I invited our own JP LaFrance to help mold my first world, and having a partner in the whole process made things very entertaining. I’ve also found he and I have poor time management as our first four nights were spent frantically building makeshift rooftops out of dirt, sand, and any other substance that is completely penetrable. On numerous occasions I would let loose girly screams as a spider dropped through our ceiling as he tried to finish our crap-hut. The best part is it was fun all the same. This Minecraft can have up to 8 players, and it’s my personal goal to fill up the server and just get stupid with our creations.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition | House | Going Indie | Horrible Night

One day son, this house will be yours!

Going Indie? Tried it? Worth it.

It’s not a big secret that I’m a fan of many AAA titles and consoles in general as I prefer to hold a controller in one hand while sipping a cocktail in the other. I never tried Minecraft on PC, and I knew that if I were to ever give it a chance it would need to make its way to consoles. Now that it has, I’ve found the courage to try something new again. It’s funny I have a much lower barrier for trying new indie games than I do bigger titles. It could be the lower price points or lower expectations, but I think it means the recent successes of many indie titles, Minecraft included, has piqued my curiosity and built a level of trust you don’t get with bigger industry names anymore. Indie games seem to be focused on one thing – creating a game that sticks with you. Minecraft succeeds in sticking with you and leaves me wondering where my going indie journey will take me.

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  1. Aaron McNeal

    It’s been a while since I went on a hard Minecraft kick, digging a residence into the side of a mountain on a multiplayer server. Things should get a little more interesting for me with some voice chat and a new arsenal of explosives.

  2. moses5885

    has anyone tried minecraft on iphone or ipad? I am wondering how hard or fun that may be.

  3. Brandon Coppernoll

    I have a world for Horrible Night staff only called “Horrible World”, but I am thinking about creating a public world for all to join me in frolicking around away from Creepers. (I don’t count as a Creeper. I checked)

  4. Spicer

    I’ve been holding out on going back to Xbox Live but I love Terraria and would love to try Minecraft and do it with people who aren’t dumb. This article is coaxing me into spending money and enjoying gaming on a casual, but intensive level.

  5. Jordan

    Really would love to play it but notch decided his PC to xbox players didn’t get free codes even if you invested in alpha, seems suckish :C

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