You’re Gonna Get It Anyway – The Horrible Show #309

The Horrible ShowJustin, Cole, Ethan and Josh have never claimed not to be biased. They reveal the game franchises and genres that have pulled them in for blind purchases for better or worse. From evolution to light guns, everyone has weaknesses.

The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics.

You’re Gonna Get It Anyway – Everyone knew we were going to cave and make the purchase in the end, so here’s a look back at our transparent reasoning for putting up a fight in the first place.

Show Notes

Justin L, Cole, Ethan, Josh

00:25 – Intro
03:00 – Game Industry Shout-Outs
18:20 – Horrible Shout-Outs
32:43 – On the Spot Question
37:57 – You’re Gonna Get It Anyway
40:40 – The Consoles and Guilty Pleasures
57:37 – Question 1 – Which One Did You Get Wrong?
1:08:28 – The Big Ones
1:23:13 – Question 2 – Hypocrite vs Upcoming
1:39:51 – Updates

Featured Games:
Rogue Leader, Rock Band, Dance Central, SHMUPs, Cubivore, Smash T.V., Spore, Legend of Mana, All-Star Slammin’ D-Ball, Daikatana, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, NFL Blitz, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, The Last Story, Grand Theft Auto IV, The Walking Dead

Game Industry Shout-Outs:

Horrible Shout-Outs

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