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Games of May

These are the lean months, but even if May doesn’t have the breadth of releases of other times of the year, it certainly has enough standout titles to keep us busy and excited. If anything there will be plenty of shared gaming experiences to talk and that’s never a bad thing.

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Here’s what has our attention this May

Max Payne 3

Max looks like he's actually having fun.

Max Payne 3

Aaron (BGRadio) – The sweat from my palms coated the controller as I clenched it tighter, time slowing down before my eyes. As a hail of bullets pumped into the goon’s flesh, my mind began to dwell on how amped I had been for the moment Max Payne 3 would release. It had been a while since I had done this kind of work and I was curious about how working with a team online would feel. Playing with strangers over the internet… I’d rather high five a running garbage disposal.

James (Copperskull) – I’ve never played any of the Max Payne games, so I’m not entirely sure why this game keeps catching my eye. I think the developers behind the game appeal to me the most, since everything they’ve made that I have played has been a lot of fun. The story also seems to be a gritty, internal struggle with a lot of eye-candy special effects, and that seems just fine by me.

Justin L (JDevL) – I have to say that I have not been the most dedicated of Max Payne fans. While the story and style have always been intriguing, the gameplay while fun was just entirely too repetitive for me to stick with it. I doubted that we needed a Max Payne 3 and for some reason even began to worry about the franchise when it looked as if they changed the character. However, call me a sucker for Rockstar’s marketing but I’ve heard nothing but glowing things to say about how MP3 plays. That’s what matters to me because even if Rockstar changes things up on the story/style side, I’m beyond the point of doubting their narrative abilities. I don’t even think I’ll need painkillers because this game is looking anything but painful to play.

JP (DocJPizzle) – I am a huge fan boy of Rockstar. With that said, you would think I’ve been waiting in line to pick this one up. To be honest I have only played the original title. There is a glut of third person shooters generated from this console generation, but if anyone could stand out amongst the crowd it would be Max Payne. I do know that the online model for this game will be similar in GTA V and that might make this game worth picking up. To be honest Max might keep me entertained until I wait for GTA V to show up.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis) – Max Payne 3 is on my radar. I definitely won’t pick it up right away due to my tremendous backlog, but I’ve always loved that franchise and hope that this one does well. I haven’t played a Max Payne game in a while, so I’m a little worried that it won’t live up to the memories I have of its predecessors, but life is full of disappointments, and I’ll play through about anything with guns and bullet-time.

Josh (Joshleedotcom) – Nothing like shooting a guy in the face in slo-mo, then downing a whole bottle of painkillers! Max Payne is John McClane if he couldn’t shit for two weeks. Seriously, with all those pills Max has popped, surely at some point he would have accidentally picked up some laxatives. I just want to be there for the end of this game, wherein Max finally finds relief in the form of a bullet-time deuce. Also, Mona Sax. Day one purchase!

Diablo 3

Things have been better.

Diablo III

Ethan (Wizardtrain187) – All I want to do is sit in Josh Lee’s mancave and play this game for a whole weekend without coming up from air. As evidenced by some recent live tapings of the show, this could end up poorly for both of us as a diet full of Long John Silvers and White Castle sliders will affect the air quality adversely. Should we suffocate on our own intestinal by products, I can only hope we do so in a very valiant way (and preferably clothed). That being said, I’m wondering if Diablo 3 will blow me away or leave me pleasantly satisfied. This is not a bad place to be as in the end I’m smiling either way, but it’s the level of that smile I’m curious about. I love the genre though and while I’m not a Diablo fanatic by any stretch of the imagination (couldn’t tell you a thing about the storyline), Diablo 2 was very memorable to me as it was my official introduction to grinding and loot intoxication. So adorn yourselves with precious oils and your official codpiece of adventure, Hell is about to get an adrenaline soaked boot up the ass.

Josh (Joshleedotcom) – Stay awhile and listen! Diablo Mother Fucking Three. I love this formula, which is good because from the beta it looks like D3 doesn’t stray from said formula much at all. Click on dudes, dudes die and drop shit. Click on shit, get more bling. Click on bigger dudes, better shit pops out of them and so on and so forth. Plus, I get to play with SGBFF’s. Preordered!

Justin L (JDevL) – Here’s another popular series that I more or less respected, but never got knee deep into aside from a few weekends with the first game. It’s weird too because I love just about any game with loot and any game with demons. I think it was just that my friends never really played the game and I didn’t get a chance to get sucked into multiplayer. That changes with Diablo III as the Diabros are going to be out in full force. At least to start. So the only real question I have is if I’m going to get obsessed with the game or not. There’s definitely room in my schedule… could be trouble.

James (Copperskull) – I spent a lot of time playing the original Diablo back in High School. Unfortunately, the sequel didn’t come out in a time that really worked for me since I was falling further and further into consoledom. Even though I still primarily play console games, Steam has convinced me to make some much needed improvements to my PC hardware, so now I’m ready, willing, and able to play all those PC gems such as Diablo III.

Retro City Rampage

Welcome to 2012

Retro City Rampage

Justin L (JDevL) – My most anticipated downloadable title for at least the past 2 years is finally here. Well retro stylings and graphics may not make it stand out as much as when it was originally announced, I fully expect RCR to raise the bar. Whether you are coming for the referential humor and gameplay or just an entertaining top-down open world experience, Retro City Rampage will have plenty to offer every type of gamer. Many of the homages to old games include changing up the gameplay to match what it is referencing (i.e. Metal Gear sneaking scenarios) so the RCR’s gameplay is constantly changing. Not to mention its simplified graphical style makes even those homages feel unique from its source material. It also doesn’t hurt that as a child of the 80’s and beyond that I can’t wait to see the next inside joke explode on screen.

Andrew (Coopopolopolis) – Maybe it’s only my generation of gamer, but I still get excited over any great games done in an 8-bit style. I feel really bad for those whose retro consists of crappy, low poly, PS1 3D. To be honest I don’t really know a whole lot about this game other than it looks fun as hell. My guess is it’ll jump a little ahead of the backlog. You have to throw a little new into the mix just to keep things fresh.

James (Copperskull) – I loved all the great 2D sprite-filled games of my childhood, so there’s instant appeal to me in the games that have the 8-bit throwback graphics and physics. I recently enjoyed the flash-based and significantly cheaper Abobo’s Big Adventure on Newgrounds, which also focused on the decades-old NES classics. I do have a little concern about the price of this game versus content and replay value, though. I’ll be watching this one at the end of the month to see what others’ impressions are.

Josh (Joshleedotcom) – This game seems like it’s been in development since the games it’s parodying were new. Apparently, it takes awhile to make a game with a staff of one. Who knew?! I know RCR will be good for some chuckles with all those NES in-jokes, but will it actually be fun to play? I’ll probably get it after a recommendation from Les Horribles. Oh, and check out the soundtrack on bandcamp. Virt!


I heard you like blocks and adventure.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Andrew (Coopopolopolis) – I’ll buy Minecraft. I don’t really know why, but I will. I already own it and have stopped playing it on both the PC and iPhone, but apparently that doesn’t matter. It’ll definitely be a nice time waster when i don’t know what else I want to play, and I guess I’m just curious to see what they pull off on the 360 with the game. Hopefully I won’t be the only one because you really can only play with LEGO for so long by yourself before people start to wonder.

JP (DocJPizzle) – I also fall into the group of people that have never played Minecraft, I have been waiting for this XBLA release to see if creating phallic buildings and creepers are for me. You can’t deny the insane amount of popularity this title has, and that alone will persuade me to download the free trial.

Brandon (H21) – This game always struck me as a game built for PC. I haven’t tried it or several of the Indie-er versions of it, and I’m stuck on whether or not I try it out. A couple friends on XBLA mentioned they were going to likely give it a shot and asked if I would be purchasing it to which I had no answer. This may just be a game-time decision.

James (Copperskull) – I have yet to play this game, and I actually know very little about it. Yes, I don’t know how I’ve lived this long, either. From what I do know of it, it sounds like a fun game to experience with your friends, and I really don’t have many PC friends, so Xbox may be the way to go.

Best of the Rest


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Starhawk – Ethan (Wizardtrain187): In concept I could really love this game but PlayStation exclusives are like hot girls with BO: they look great but you know things are going to get funky after while. Whether you can deal with that funk long term is ultimately what the deciding factor will be with this game. The tower defense and base building aspects of StarHawk look like they could make for some memorable multiplayer action, though I’m none to confident in PS3 online play being able to deal with anything resembling scope (don’t even begin to speak of MAG, were there ever enough people playing to actually have those huge battles?). If this was on the PC or Xbox 360 it would already be pre-ordered. I’m also concerned that this is yet another example of a game with its mouth full of a lot of good ideas but being unable to swallow anything that resembles a well structured and engaging experience. It may sound like I’m actually not looking forward to this game, but I’ve learned to keep my hopes low because Starhawk could very well be my go to should everything come together as it is supposed.

Dragon’s Dogma – Aaron (BGRadio):  While I’m on shaky ground about this one, I tried the demo and spend a lot of my time laughing at its absurdity. AI companions were helpful, if not talkative, and grabbing onto the backs of enemies was some of the goofiest mischief I was able to get into. When buddies climb up alongside you and swords are being bashed into spines, you can’t help but admire the determination to make violence solve all life’s problems. I’ve got my eye on your dogma, Dragon.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Brandon (H21): To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to this game before the beta, and now that I’ve had a chance to play it with Aaron and other good friends using my best Eeyore voice I’m considering it. It was definitely fun to play, but I’m wondering the same thing about the single player. Sadly, the reviews may sway me in either direction at this point as I don’t want to buy a game full-price just for the multiplayer.

Mario Tennis Open – Cole (Colefacekilla): I love the Mario Tennis franchise and need more games for my 3DS. When I saw a trailer for this game a few weeks ago I was blown away by the creative use of the original Super Mario Bros. being played as your character played tennis against the wall. That might have sold me right there. Mario Tennis games have always been fun. I’m not aware if there is online multiplayer but if there is and you own a 3DS you should get this game so you can lose to me.

Awesomenauts – JP (DocJPizzle): This game should be called ‘Awesomesauce’. I played the trial and had a great time destroying turrets and drills. I also really enjoyed the 80s cartoon feel. The opening to the game felt right at home in a Saturday morning cartoon. The art style of the game keeps the theme consistent as well.  I will pick this game up in the future and look forward to getting completely destroyed playing against real people.

What will you be playing this May?


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