Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Delayed Again, Some Vita Owners Care

Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Probably not the type of game that will make it into your own personal book of memories...

Silent Hill has struggled a bit in the last few months as the flood of Silent Hill themed entertainment has been a bit underwhelming, to say the least. I’m saddened to report that this trend won’t end anytime soon as Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PS Vita has been subtly delayed ’til a speculated date of October 31, 2012 (it initially started out with a March release that was pushed back to May). If you happened to be one of those folks looking forward to this dungeon crawling version of the Silent Hill series, what the hell is wrong with you?

Perhaps it’s not very professional to report on news you don’t care about just so that you can point out that no one really cares about it, but it’s a slow news day and all I can think about is smashing demons and other creepy jerks in a proper dungeon crawler that is actually coming out this week. It may be time to officially become concerned for the Silent Hill franchise.