Shiniest Objects: Left It In My Other Pants

A quiet week in the industry with a few individuals and companies just trying to move onto greener pastures. We revealed a special event for Indianapolis gamers on our live show and hope to see those that can make it to the one night only screening of Indie Game: The Movie.

Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry. Some make it on the site as headlines, and the articles that just miss the cut end up in the Shiny Objects feed on our Horrible Night Newswire Google+ Page. Every Monday we recap the shiniest of the objects, and our original articles from the previous week.

Horrible Objects

Last Week’s Headlines

PlayStation All-Stars

All of your favorites?

12 headlines distracted us and here’s the best from that list:

Surprised we haven’t seen more Smash Bros ripoffs actually.
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Officially Announced – G4

The more important version of the headline.
Nintendo Reports First Financial Loss in 30 Years – Piki Geek

Best of luck to Adam. We’ll see him sooner than later I’m sure.
Adam Sessler Exits G4 – GamePolitics

Damn. Alex at his finest.
Bloodforge Review – Giant Bomb

If anyone’s earned it.
Fez Programmer Wants to Move on to Bigger and Better Things – RipTen

Not surprisingly, Crysis 3 is looking gooood.
Head down to the swamps of New York City with Crysis 3’s first gameplay trailer