Shinji Mikami’s Next Horror Game will be Zwei


I was only going to eat one, but they were so delicious I just had to eat zwei.

I don’t tend to enjoy reporting about game concepts or rumors, but when Shinji Mikami and survival horror are uttered in the same sentence its worth making exceptions. Bethesda has announced that they’ll be putting on the publishing hat for a survival horror game that will be directed by Mikami and developed by the studio he founded, Tango Gameworks. Details about the Zwei itself are pretty sparse, but Mikami has been quoted as saying that he’s “striving for pure survival horror.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that players will probably not be upgrading any guns in this game, that is if we have weapons at all.

Because the game is going to be exploring fear, I am keeping my mind open to what sort of antagonistic forces players will have to contend with so excuse me while I get my horror speculation on. I personally don’t like the idea of floating in the middle of the ocean with whales swimming beneath my feet, but the whole Save The Whales campaign and Whale Wars may take issue with the demonization of the seemingly peaceful mammals. I’m also pretty sure that my fears would make for a confusing game that would start in the ocean and end with me crapping myself during a dance contest, so I bet some more universal fears will be utilized. Don’t hold your breath for zombies though, I’m pretty sure Mikami fears being pigeon-holed.


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