I Learned Something Today: Lone Survivor

Sometimes you wake up and realize the world around you has changed. Whether it’s a freak natural disaster, the election of a new public official or the effects of a fast spreading disease, things that were once familiar and safe are now foreign and perhaps even dangerous.  You could wait around until things go back to normal, but inaction has never helped anyone contend with an altered reality and if Lone Survivor teaches us anything, it’s that common sense and caution are the only things one can trust in when your life gets turned upside down.

Lone Survivor

The Lessons of Lone Survivor

  1. Feed your body
  2. Lay low when things go crazy
  3. Don’t be a hero, consult your map

Feed your body

Lone Survivor Supplies

Being equipped with guns helps, but its better to be equipped with healthy snacks.

I learned something today. Today’s modern age is all about speed but speed often leads to the neglect of certain functions integral to the maintenance of one’s life. Breakfast tends to be sacrificed when one is in a hurry, which isn’t a huge deal as long as nothing out of the ordinary occurs during the course of your day. Should you find yourself torn from your routine, the lack of energy will make it difficult to problem solve and get things back on track. Grogginess may set in, followed by sharp stomach pains and suddenly that alternate route along the escaped circus elephant caused traffic jam becomes excruciating and open for disaster. Additionally, it never hurts to have snacks nearby at all times. Just in case a regularly scheduled meal suddenly becomes out of reach for extended periods of time. I recommend almonds as they are easily transported and chock full of protein, but prawn crackers and squid sticks are also acceptable versions of back up snacks. Thanks, Lone Survivor.

Lay low when things go crazy

I learned something today. If there’s a catastrophic event occurring, now matter how severe it is, you should always keep a low profile. People you once trusted may have a different mentality should desperation set in, which means that friendly old lady handing out flowers on the corner may start handing out harsh social commentary or knife wounds should things be really bad. Find an out-of-the-way place and do your best to stay out of focus until you’re able to fully assess what sort of obstacles your altered reality may have in store for you. Instead of walking on the sidewalk, walk through alleys. If there’s a menacing looking crowd or bug-eyed crazy person looking for trouble, press your back to a wall and slink past. Weird people show up at a party, go out on the balcony to enjoy your Heineken. Take every opportunity you can to avoid direct contact with anyone (or anything) and you may find that you completely avoid confrontation as well as getting a better view of the big picture. Thanks, Lone Survivor.

Lone Survivor Exit

This is also a good strategy should you forget your anniversary.

Don’t be a hero, consult your map

I learned something today. We tend to get into consistent routines, especially when it comes to how we travel throughout our community. You might know the best way to get to the grocery store, but what happens if your usual route has been blocked or altered in some way? You can’t trust a GPS to find you a new route as those never work, so be sure to have a map with you at all times. Maps may seem archaic, but they are the best way to navigate, especially when it comes to alternate paths and/or areas you may be unfamiliar with.  You may think you know your way around your town or city, but its amazing how foreign an area may seem when the streets are filled with construction signs, smoke or mutated humans. Thanks, Lone Survivor.


There is no guarantee that one’s day-to-day activities will always stay consistent, nor will your surroundings always appear as they did the day before. If you want to survive, you need to remember the simple things that may get lost in the chaos and always view the world through skeptical eyes. But remember that all the preparation in the world won’t prevent you from getting crabby if your strange day isn’t properly fueled with french toast sticks or handfuls of raw nuts. Thanks, video games.

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