Hey! Help! Epic Mario Lego Project

Lego Mario Kickstarter

LEGO based video game projects are pretty widespread these days as you can search online to find just about any iconic character or item rendered with everyone’s favorite building blocks. Zachary Pollock is dreaming a bit bigger with his LEGO project and he needs some Kickstarter help to make it happen.

Zach’s goal is to build the entirety of Super Mario Bros‘ Level 1-1 out of LEGO bricks with each single brick representing one pixel of the level. In the end this will take upwards of 780,000 LEGO studs and measure in at over 6 feet tall and 90 feet long. That’s a lot of LEGO’s.

The funding will help with the purchase of all of the LEGO bricks as well as transportation of the final piece to multiple conventions so that the world can enjoy it. Take a look at Zach’s pitch video below and the Epic Mario Kickstarter page for more information:



Epic Mario Kickstarter