I Learned Something Today: Legend of Grimrock

I get overwhelmed very easily when I venture outside of my comfort zone. It can get very stressful for me when I’m forced to go somewhere I have never been before. This anxiety has started to take a toll on my social life. Luckily, I have a new tricks that have proved useful when attending a few house parties at stranger’s homes lately. All thanks are due to the lessons of Legend of Grimrock.

The Legend of Grimrock

The Lessons of Legend of Grimrock

  1. Don’t get fancy with your movement
  2. Focus on the walls
  3. Travel in a complimentary foursome
  4. Don’t BYO anything

Don’t get fancy with your movement

I learned something today. Nothing is worse than to be panicked in an unfamiliar place. One way to keep a level head is to be very deliberate with your movement. Imagine that the house is on a grid and take very measured steps. Do not turn and move at the same time and avoid walking at angles. If you stick to the grid, you will naturally begin to build a map of the home in your mind and know roughly how far away important things like the bathroom, exits, and the bar are from you at all times. Be careful to not get stuck in corners though, as you may have to fight your way out. Thanks, Legend of Grimrock.

Legend of Grimrock Floors

Just be careful.

Focus on the walls

I learned something today. While most of the action at parties takes place in central locations and large rooms, I find the open space a bit intimidating. I like to stick to the walls after I know the room is clear. Staring at walls allows me to keep my mind occupied by investigating the small differences between each section of the wall and the wall decorations themselves. Every house has secrets and discovering them is a great conversation starter. “Do you like any of those books you threw on the ground? Why do you keep turning the lights off? Why are you trying to open my safe?” Now who is looking at the wall? Everyone. Thanks, Legend of Grimrock.

Travel in a complimentary foursome

I learned something today. When you can avoid it, never go to a party alone. I recommend finding at least 3 companions to stick with you at all times. Be selective though and make sure the group as a whole compliments one another in specific ways. One of you should be the leader, but you’ll also need The Hot One, The Funny One, and the Wild Card or some similar combination. You were 4 different people before, but combined you make for the most interesting person at the entire party. For the best results, stand as closely together as possible and move together at all times. If you ever become separated leave the party immediately, and move to a new party and bring a different group with you. Thanks, Legend of Grimrock.

Don’t BYO anything

I learned something today. I used to never feel prepared when going to a stranger’s home, but the sooner you can belay that fear the better. Most homes have just about everything you need to survive the night. Fight the urge to bring your backpack full of toiletries, perishable food, and prophylactics. If you find yourself locked out of a room or really hungry, take a breath and look around for something that will help you. Sometimes it is as obvious as finding a key in a cubbyhole and other times you may surprise yourself at how filling a stash of mushrooms can be. Bonus: when you are done using something, you can just throw it on the ground since it isn’t your house. Thanks, Legend of Grimrock.

Legend of Grimrock

Not the mace I was thinking of but sure I can use that kind, too.


My confidence is surging these days. I feel that I can be comfortable in any social situation in any one’s home at this point. The only real problem now is waiting for those party invites to come along as those seem to have stopped lately. But I’ll be ready for your home when you invite me. Thanks, video games.

I Learned Something Today – Who says that video games can’t teach you life skills? Sure they may get you put in prison or banished from society, but they are skills nonetheless. We take an over-the-top look at some of the potential applications of what video games have taught us.


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  1. dude

    Thanks for demonstrating how games today have to be just like life to be entertaining even though in the past we actually played games to escape life for entertainment. “sigh ” oh the good ole days…..

  2. Justin Lacey

    It was actually quite the opposite, I enjoyed Grimrock so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it led to this ridiculous article. Thanks for reading!

  3. dude

    Well I’ll be. I thought the article was being critical but it was meant to be irony. I think I was too tired to realize this when I read it. It definately shines with a different light now…

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