WTF Is This: Baby Maker Extreme

Brought to you by the same indie developer as This Is Hard and Mega Monster Mania (yeah, I must have missed those titles too) Stegersaurus Games delivers one of the more disturbing twists to the addictive cannon style games we’ve all seen before. Like my personal favorite, Hot Dog Down a Hallway for iPhone, the object of these games are basically to launch something as far as you can using different obstacles to help you move further while dodging others that hinder your progress.

Baby Maker Extreme

Which is more disturbing?

We’ve batted penguins, shot ragdolls out of a cannon, and dropped pigs into hot dog launchers. The next obvious variation that comes to my mind is definitely shooting a baby out of someone’s vagina. That’s right, Baby Maker Extreme went there. And to make it one step creepier, you can even choose to use your avatar instead of a baby. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to see their beloved avatar rocket out from the valley below down a hallway in the fetal position while bouncing off doctors heads and medical equipment to achieve that maximum distance? If that isn’t enough it even starts as a rhythm based button masher while you try to push the little one out. The title might be misleading as to what you’re getting into, but if you bought it thinking something else then… you’re still creepy.

Baby Maker Extreme

More extreme than snowboarding

If I’ve perked your interested you can pick up the game for 80 Points in the Xbox Live Marketplace. G4 definitely found it amusing during Attack of the Show. It might be worth $1 for a good laugh. I don’t know, I’ll let you decide that one for yourself. We’ll end this moment we’ve shared together with a quote directly from the marketplace description:

“Are you extreme enough for Baby Maker Extreme? Experience the most extreme embryonic event enhanced by your electronic entertainment equipment. Simulate the miracle of life in a way only video games can.”

Gameplay Video (from IGN):

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