Hey! Play! MolyJam 2012 Games


Deux everything.

This past weekend was the first ever MolyJam. A 48-hour game design jam inspired by the insane/genius game ideas of a fake twitter account based on the legendary game designer, Peter Molyneux. For more details on the event, check out our news post.

Today though, we are focused on the spoils of MolyJam. As of this writing, the MolyJam game archive currently features nearly 300 games that have to be seen to be believed. While I haven’t  gone through the entire list, most games are available for download or in video form and all of them are free. Dive in and prepare to be inspired and confused by games like Unbearable which was based on the tweet:

“You are a bear but for some reason your oxygen comes from hugging people. Problem is that hugging people breaks their bones. #poeticgaming”