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The lines blur around the traditional definition of gamers these days, thanks in no small part to the variety of gaming devices at our disposal. What games are the non-gamers around you playing lately and are any of those games starting to tempt you?

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Ethan (Wizardtrain187)

I don’t have a ton of casual gamers around me, they’re either really into gaming or not into gaming at all. That being said, I have played a couple games on my iPad that I think fall into this category, namely Angry Birds. I know that’s old news, but I hadn’t really played much until last year and recently took another stab at it. It’s a good time waster, but I have to be cautious of such games as they tend to steal way too much of my time.

Brandon (H21)

I’m in the same boat as Ethan, but my wife is constantly telling me how her friends play Words with Friends. She doesn’t play, but she says it seems like they’re playing it a lot. I’m the kind of gamer that will play just about anything around me.

I might be going off the deep end with this statement, but I believe kids are the driving factor behind games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. While they’re simple and surprisingly addictive, most of the time they get their downloaded when the kids get latched onto them.

Where's my Water

Because alligators need to shower.

Justin L (JDevL)

For some games, kids are great filters. Give them a seemingly complex game and see how long they stick with it, chances are if they do there’s some universal fun factor there that makes it worth checking out.

My house is still recovering from the effects of Where’s My Water addiction. The premise? Get clean water through the sewer to an alligator who just wants to take a shower. It started with my girlfriend’s daughter, and slowly I realized my girlfriend was also addicted after she solved a few of the puzzles for her. I panned the game original based on that Disney published the game and it seemed like a cash grab, but it turns out it is a damn fun water physics-based puzzle game and became a top seller. It also does a great job of evolving as level packs are made and some of the later puzzles get pretty crazy. Plus, there’s a new expansion with a new alligator that eats trash or something. Doesn’t sound like it is going away anytime soon.

JP (DocJPizzle)

Draw Something

It isn't called Draw Something Well.

My wife just said to me the other night that she is ‘addicted’ to the game Draw Something. I had never seen or heard about it until that point. Let’s just say its not my cup of tea. I still get a lot of Farmville and Cityville requests that go unanswered thanks to my article from last year. My wife and I also spent some time recently playing Scene It: Lights, Camera, Action on Xbox and that game can be a lot of fun when you play with a large enough group.

Justin L

How are the recent Scene It games?

Draw Something is starting to interrupt plenty of naps on the couch over here. I gotta say I’m pretty intrigued by it as well, but I kinda want a tablet to play on instead of drawing with my finger on the phone. (And I don’t want to get addicted because my g/f is addicted enough for the both of us.) A recent podcast that I was listening to said that the genius of Draw Something and why it may surpass the Words with Friends craze is that it is cooperative and not competitive. You want the other person to guess your drawing and you want to be able to guess theirs to keep the streak going.


The Scene It games are really fun. My favorite parts of the game involve watching a movie scene and asking questions about. I mostly enjoy Scene It because my wife enjoys playing the game as well. I have the demo for the most recent title downloaded, but have yet to play it.

Justin G (GiffTor)

I have a Draw Something story for you – I haven’t played it, but Carrie is obsessed, so I kibbutz. Unsurprisingly, I’m awesome at it.

Rob (Robeque)

Words With Friends

Cheater allowed.

The only casual gamers I really know are my sisters and my mother in law. And by casual gamers I mean they play Words With Friends. I can’t say anything against the casual games like WWF, though. I played the hell out of it for a while… constantly having three games going at a time. One day I just got sick and tired of always having a damn word to come up with! I deleted the application in the middle of three games I was playing. My mother in law was not happy.

Sometimes I actually feel like more of a casual gamer than I like think I am. There are times when cutting a rope for a few minutes sounds more fun than shooting dudes in the face on the battlefield.


Now that I think of it, Aubrey downloaded Euchre on her iPad and is pretty obsessed with it. Looks boring to me though, as none of the cards really seem to have much story to them. And progression is non-existent. I laughed at her when she said it could only support 4 player online matches. 4 players?! What is this, the stone age!


Shit… there’s a euchre game? I need that.

Cole (Colefacekilla)

Anybody else love the fact that Words with Friends is shortened to WWF? It confuses me every time. My wife has been super busy at work so she hasn’t been “real” gaming that much though I do have a unopened copy of Rayman Origins waiting for a free moment. But she has been playing the hell out of Draw Something, along with everyone else we work with and everyone else in the universe it seems.


I’ve been playing that some with my wife (who doesn’t play any video games.) It’s a decent trivia game if you’re into movies, but we have more fun playing You Don’t Know Jack with our neighbors. I never played that until the xbox version came out. Good times for gamers and non-gamers alike.

You Don't Know Jack

You haven't lived until you've screwed someone in a trivia game.

Justin G

I’m with Rob on YDKJ – that game is as fun and entertaining as it used to be back when I had it on PC in its initial iteration and I’ve spent a lot of time playing it with non-gaming friends, online, and even on my own. The all-questions-right achievement still eludes me. Otherwise, I can’t say I’m much into the casual games sphere. I’ll fire up Stupid Zombies, a ricochet-based game for Android every once in a while, but most of my gaming occurs in front of the Xbox between 6 and 8 during the week.

Justin L

I love the resurgence of YDKJ and think there’s definitely room for more universally friendly trivia games. No one has really taken advantage of the ability to subscribe to new trivia question sets. Although, what I really want is a new version of Anticipation.

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Like the rest of the world we are currently surrounded by sketch artists. While there is still a distinct difference between the games we spend a lot of time playing vs the games that our recreational gamer friends and family are enjoying, it does seem like they are spending more and more time than ever playing games.

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