Worms Revolution Rebuilds 2D Worms Games from the Ground Up

Worms Revolution

Revolutions come in different shapes and sizes.

The Worms franchise has been entertaining gamers for over a decade now. Its turn based warfare utilizing armies of annelids with ridiculous weaponry subject to the laws of physics has undoubtably stood the test of time. Aside from a few misguided forays into the 3rd dimension, the 2d gameplay hasn’t been shaken up as much as it has been rereleased for every platform imaginable. Team 17 has realized that its classic formula needs something new. It’s time for a Worms Revolution:

The brief announcement trailer accomplishes two important points in any remake of a franchise. 1) It’s identifiable as Worms and 2) there are some subtle differences. Gone is the flat 2d worm character art, instead we are given 3d worms on a 2d plane. The worms themselves also come in different sizes, the advantages and disadvantages of which remain to be seen. There are plenty of familiar weapons featured in the video along with an emphasis of water weaponry (supported by the logo, too).

Will rebuilding Worms from the ground up provide a resurgence for the franchise? We will find out when Worms Revolution is released for PC and consoles this Q3 2012.



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  1. Justin Gifford

    #Want. #Want so damn much I can’t wait to get schooled by some freak with a ninja rope.

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