Charlie Murder Trailer Promises Murderous Fun

While wondering the massive floor maze at Pax Prime ’11, one of my favorite surprises was stumbling across a little booth tucked away in the corner, showcasing a game that I didn’t even know was in the works. Ska Studios, famous for their ultra-violent beat ’em up series The Dishwasher, change things up and goes all out arcade brawler with their latest title Charlie Murder.

Charlie Murder

I'd try out for this band.

Charlie Murder is definitely a Ska game. It showcases the same hand-drawn style we’ve come to love and serves it with another hearty, family-sized portion of gore. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical while playing the demo at PAX. But to be fair, I’m always this way with brawlers. The right ingredients were there from the characters and storyline to the smooth combat mechanics, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting more information to see what other tricks James Silva, has up his sleeves to make this brawler stand out on its own.

Last week Ska posted their first official trailer for Charlie Murder which showed tremendous progress. It barely looks like the same game, and definitely has me counting down the days until it’s unknown release date. They were nice enough to come right out and promise a release date of someday. Thanks guys.

Here’s the first official look. Get ready to get your gore on.


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